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Truth Verification – Valid Scientific Process or Airy Fairy Speculation?

When employees are suspected of stealing in the form of:

  • stock
  • information
  • abuse of company benefits or assets

Please do not confront them unjustly with unproven accusations. Unless you have valid proof, do not assume guilt. Rather follow a relevant process to verify the truth.

Using Lie Detecting services is a solution – but can Voice Stress Analysis or Polygraph Examinations REALLY provide valid, scientific answers?

We propose that it is all certainly possible!  These tests can be used to professionally verify the truth. Their effectiveness however, lies in the choice of service provider;

  • Reputation for accuracy, reliability and validity
  • Equipment used
  • Qualifications and experience of the examiners.

Welcome to the National Voice Stress & Polygraph Network

We focus on building a trust relationship, because of this our examiners are ethical and professional, qualified and experienced using accredited equipment.

The Network consists of a Head Office in Centurion, Pretoria with the capacity to offer Lie Detecting Country Wide by means of Voice Stress Analysts and/or Polygraph.

Why shop around taking unnecessary risks if you can go directly to the industry leaders?

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