Consider lie detecting to confront misconduct but be sure of all the facts before you commit to the process and heed this HR Warning!

HR Warning! Collect information

HR Warning! 1; Collect as much information about the incident as possible because this guides you to who to include in the investigation. Testing any employees unnecessarily may lead to a breakdown in trust and therefore communication in the workplace.

HR Warning! Follow the process

HR Warning! 2; Follow a process of inviting all identified employees to interviews aimed at establishing the facts. If any employee refuses to attend, charge them with the lesser offence of ‘failing or refusing to obey a lawful and reasonable instruction’. Or, possibly even with ‘failing or refusing to cooperate in a workplace investigation’.

HR Warning

HR Warning! Beware

  • A lie detecting test is not a requirement, rather consent is given in writing.
  • No discrimination and threats may be made.
  • Only questions previously discussed and understood will be used.
  • In addition, they may request an interpreter or any person to attend the examination. This person may not interfere with the process.
  • It is note worthy that a negative result indicates deception rather than being guilty of the crime.
  • Results of Voice Stress Analysis or Polygraph is used as secondary evidence only.
  • Other primary evidence is required.
  • Especially relevant make sure your disciplinary procedures are correct and therefore complete.
  • In conclusion confirm with your examiner that they are willing and able to give expert evidence of the tests’ reliability and accuracy to conclude your case at the CCMA.

What has been your experience, do you have any other HR warning to share?


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